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Freedom, sun and taking photos. You can find all of these on my website. I love to have my morning coffee out on the terrace planning how to spend my day.


Exploring new places is what makes me feel good. It is nice to watch these places afterwards on TV shows or books. You are very welcome to have a look at my videos.


Buying a camera does not make you a photographer. There is always something new to discover. Choosing the proper frame is very often far more difficult than choosing the place to take pictures.

Raised by The World

Always be yourself and don't stop being curious about the world

Hello, since you find this place, sit back, relax and enjoy my world. Maybe you will find some useful information about visited places. If you have any questions please contact me.

I love playing with colors and experimenting with photography. I cannot imagine travelling without my camera. I relax when I am looking for the right spot and waiting for the best light. You can also find here some simple photos taken with camera as well as short videos so you can find out what places I have visited and how my travels look like.

In case of any questions, please contact me. If you would like to have any of my photos on your wall, check prints.  Enjoy!

Krzysztof Saul

Waiting For Light

Tales of new adventures.

Krzysztof Saul

Neuschwanstein Castle – Southern Bavarian

Pictures from Journeys!

The world is wonderful...

Good spot for hiking. Porto Santo for relaxing.

Each one beautiful, each one different.

A beautiful piece of Spain

Small Island with beautiful beaches and wonderful Mindelo.

The beautiful end of Africa.

One of the most beautiful Canary Islands

You can have fun on this beautiful island.

Another city break, photos, fun, sun.

A museum city, of course you must see them

Clean and relaxed city!

Christmas on the beach? Sure!

Want to really feel relaxed? Choose El Hierro as your destination.

A quiet island where little is happening. The island is beautyful and Damussi perfectly match this island.

When you think of Majorca you think of crowded beaches? Choose a low season to visit Majorca. You will be able to really enjoy this beautiful island.

Where are my chips?

Ahhh… Monkeys!

La Palma … so called La Isla Bonita! I agree with this.Los Indianos… The best party under the sun…

Azores have always been mysterious to me. On the spot it turned out that this is probably the best place to live on our planet.

Tuscany … I have always been fascinated by this region.

You had to go there.

One of the best trip. Very beautiful Italian island. Chillout everywhere.

Simply Red in Amsterdam? Sure! Here We come!

Islands, I went, I fell in love. From then on, the idea of seeing the whole of Macaronesia was born.





What could be better?

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Enjoy The Ride

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